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Malbec Starter Set

Malbec Starter Set

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Dive into the world of Malbec with this set, featuring three distinctive expressions of Argentina's flagship grape. Perfect for both Malbec enthusiasts and those new to this celebrated varietal, this wine box offers a diverse tasting experience showcasing the versatility and richness of Malbec.

What's Inside:

  • Rosé of Malbec Herencia, Polo Winery: This vibrant rosé presents delicate red fruit flavors, such as strawberry and raspberry, with a refreshing acidity. Perfect for warm days, it’s a delightful and crisp introduction to Malbec's lighter side
  • Malbec Respeto Herencia, Polo Winery: A rich and full-bodied Malbec, Respeto offers intense flavors of dark fruits, including blackberry and plum, complemented by hints of chocolate and vanilla. Its smooth tannins and elegant structure make it a standout wine for pairing with grilled meats or enjoying on its own
  • Malbec Cot Vinyes Ocults: Known as Cot in France, this Malbec from Vinyes Ocults provides a fresh and fruity profile with notes of red berries and a touch of spice. It’s a unique and expressive take on Malbec, made with carbonic maceration 

Whether you're exploring the nuances of Malbec for the first time or deepening your appreciation for this iconic varietal, the Malbec Starter Set offers a delightful journey through Argentina's premier wine regions. Enjoy these wines with friends or savor them on your own, and experience the remarkable quality and diversity of Argentine Malbec.

About the Wineries:

Herencia Polo Winery: With a focus on tradition and excellence, Herencia Polo Winery combines modern techniques with time-honored winemaking practices. Their wines are celebrated for their balance, complexity, and ability to capture the essence of their vineyard sites.

Vinyes Ocults: Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Vinyes Ocults produces wines that reflect the unique terroirs of Argentina. Their minimal intervention approach allows the natural flavors of the grapes to shine through.

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