Welcome to Flor de Vino


Flor de Vino is a wine experience. I am on a mission to introduce Argentinian wines to the world by encouraging everyone to explore and connect with our wine culture. 

flor fontanarossa opening wine argentina in Germany

Hi! I'm Flor

I am a WSET certified wine specialist and an inveterate traveller. Over the years I have cultivated the ability to enjoy wine, food and hosting people. This is precisely the soul of Flor de Vino, that was born in 2021. I am here to take you on a wine journey through Argentina. Are you ready to discover its fascinating wine culture and diversity of regions, styles and grapes?

flor fontanarossa argentine wine in Germany

I'm from Argentina, born and raised in Buenos Aires, and it might come to no surprise that I have a great appreciation for wine. The land of the best Malbec has definitely had an influence on me. The truth is that I developed curiosity around wine before I knew much about the remarkable conditions my country offers to make wine. 

But this beautiful relationship with wine was not meant to stay in Argentina. Six years ago I moved to Germany. I landed in Mannheim of all cities, a spot conveniently located near some of the largest wine regions in the country, and only one hour from the border of France. After a while I found my way to wineries all over Europe. There's no better plan for me than walking the vineyards and talking to winemakers. 

flor fontanarossa argentine wine